About us

Historically there's been a lack of quality products for men, with the benefits of skin care like there is for women. Leading to most males using the feminine products found in their home's. Our brand was created to put an end to that and give today's modern man his own products infused with ingredients great for skin care. Growing up with sensitive skin I've always battle with, finding something strong enough to clean me but easy on my skin as well. With our products you will be able to achieve just that. We only get one body and it deserves the best to stand up against the hands of time. I want to represent us as men in the highest form. While paying tribute to the man who taught me about self grooming, staying clean cut and smelling good. My late father Gentle James without him I wouldn't know about this at all. He was a Man's man, his #1 rule was instilled in me since a youth. "Always look out for numero uno, if you don't who will"? The first time I heard the saying as a kid. I thought to myself what a selfish thing to say. But with time as I grew into my adulthood, those words became some of the realist ever spoken to me in life. We hope our products bring you joy along your road to self care and remember take care of "numero uno"!